Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul are the Only Members to Vote Against Referring Iran to UN Trial for Incitement to Genocide

It was a bizarre display on the house floor as two members of congress running for President from opposite parties (but from the same alien planet) joined forces to vote against referring the leader of Iran to the UN for violations of its 'incitement to genocide' rules, for repeatedly calling for the complete destruction of the State of Israel. Apparently, the two congressmen either have no problem with Israel's destruction, or believe the entire issue of Israel's annihilation to be "none of our business." There are simply no words to describe the revulsion at these two moral misfits, who even look like founding members of the Hail-bop cult. The vote was 411 to 2. Members who are usually unfriendly to Israel such as John Conyers or Dana Rorbocher voted for sanity on this one.

"Stunner" of the day: MSM Reporters give to Democrats over Republicans 9 to 1.

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  1. Umm, actually the vast majority of the American people oppose the war in Iraq, and don't want to expand it by attacking Iran. So I'd say Paul and Kucinich represent the mainstream, and Congress speaks for no one but -- Congress, the real alien planet.

  2. This vote was not about the war in Iraq, or attacking Iran. It was about refering the Iranian President to the UN for violations of the "incitment to genocide" act, which he is clearly guilty of. These to misfits are an embarassment to themselves.

  3. Of course this is a provocation against Iran. It's no different than the sanctions the US passed against Iraq before Bush invaded that country. And Americans opposed an attack on Iran by 2-1. Again, the "extremists" in DC are the mainstream who really represent the people.


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