Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Abbas: Hamas are 'murderous terrorists.' Carter: They're just a "Resistance Group"

While Jimmy Carter refers to Hamas as a "resistance group" and believes that they should be "engaged" by the West, the Palestinian Authority President refers to Hamas as "Murderous terrorists" and insists that there should be no dialogue with them. This raises the question: Is Jimmy Carter more Palestinian than the President of the Palestinian Authority? I will admit that it is strange that only a few days ago, Abbas considered Hamas "legitimate partners" in his "national unity" government. It's amazing what a few murderous rampages will do to a man's opinion. Abbas sounds like a former terrorist who has been mugged by a more ruthless terrorists, and is suddenly describing Hamas in terms that one would expect from an Israeli Prime Minister. Don't misunderstand, I like the overnight conversion but the entire situation is incredibly strange. This is going to take a little getting use to.

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