Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Madonna, Accused of Blatant "Global Warming" Hypocrisy...Among Other Things

Campaigners say Madonna and other "stars" are among the least "green" individuals on planet Earth.

Last year, for example, they report how Madonna flew as many as 100 technicians, dancers, backing singers, managers and family members on a 56-date world tour in private jets and commercial airliners. Madonna herself also has a collection of fuel-guzzling cars, including a Mercedes Maybach, two Range Rovers, Audi A8s and a Mini Cooper S, with multiple mansions on multiple continents. Yet she will headline the London concert to "combat the climate crisis".

"Madonna's Confessions tour alone produced 440 tonnes of CO2 in four months last year... "The average British person produces 10 tonnes a year." In short, Madonna is a walking, talking monument to Co2 production, probably personally exceeding the Co2 generation of some entire African countries. Is their no limit to the hypocrisy?

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  1. How else would you suggest she get around? Drive cars around the world? The problem isn't with planes (i.e., shared transportation), nor is it with celebrities who own multiple vehicles that they rarely drive (since they travel so much!).

    Unless she has a coal burning power plant in her backyard, she's doing more to help the situation (by using her popularity to spread the word) than she is to hurt it.

  2. I personally don't care if she has a fleet of 1000 SUV's. I'm not the one worshiping to the religion of "global warming". I just find it funny when "celebrities" are promoting causes that they want applied to everyone but themselves. The day that Manonna moves into a cave, become a vegitarian and rennounces all co2 emmiting things in her life... that's the day I sell my SUV. Until than, please don't tell me about the "global warming emergency".


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