Sunday, March 25, 2007

Video: "Peace" Creeps Burn US GI In Effigy

This is the complete video of the "peace" creeps burning a US Soldier in effigy in Portland. A few days ago I posted a single photo of this event and received an e-mail from a person claiming to have "a legal copyright" to the photo, even though there were multiple people there taking photographs of the event and images of the event appeared all over the Internet, it's kind of like trying to un-ring the bell. I asked for proof from the person that she is the "legal copyright holder" and I received an e-mail back stating that she does not have to prove that she owns the copyright. Okydoky. None-the-less, I will remove that single photo in question and replace it with this far more powerful video of the event because it comes with audio of the sickos chanting slogans against US GI's as they burn the effigy. You make the call.

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