Sunday, March 25, 2007

Iran 'to try Britons for Espionage'

OK, so here we have a situation where Iranian military forces entered Iraq in force and surrounded a smaller unit of British soldiers, taking them captive, moving them to Tehran, declaring them "spy's, and threatening to put them on trail for "espionage". Of course the penalty for "espionage" in Iran is death. This, for the record, was not Iran's the first attempt at kidnapping Western soldiers in the exact same fashion.

Churchill or Thatcher would have understood that Iran must be taught that such a strategy is costly, and will not pay dividends. Unfortunately, they will probably learn the opposite from today's British government as Blair is already scrambling to appease the Iranian regime in the hope for a quick resolution (which is unlikely). The British soldiers are already being used as bargaining chits in Iran's efforts to secure the release of it's operatives captured in Iraq and held for assisting Iraqi insurgents; and Iran is also going to use the captives to squeeze out whatever information they can on the whereabouts of the recent high-profile defector, former deputy Defense Minister Ali Resa Asgari.

In the meantime, the UN imposed more sanctions on Iran, and the clock is ticking on a military bombing campaign on its nuclear facilities. Tick...tick...tick...tick...

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