Saturday, March 31, 2007

Khatami: Anyone Thinking that the Abduction of British Servicemen is Inappropriate, is "Accustomed to Seeing the Islamic and Arab World as Weak"

Khatami is the same man that John Kerry was hob-nobing with only a few months ago where Kerry called the United States "an international Pariah."

Rue Britannia:

"Time was, the HMS Cornwall or any other British warship would have simply blown the Iranian motorboats that seized 15 British sailors out of the water. But these are the days when Western leaders run to the United Nations seeking meaningless resolutions of condemnation. The problem with the West is we never get it. We never grasp the fact that appeasement, conciliation and endless negotiation do not work and that the only time documents achieve peace is when the words at the top read "unconditional surrender."

Misunderstanding and Iran:
"Iran wants to quit the international community, but the international community won't let it. No act of warfare against the civilized world, no defiance of the United Nations, no violation of international norms, no brazen lie is ever enough to mark Iran as unworthy of outreach, dialogue and the art of sweet persuasion. When the Iranians seized 15 British sailors in a blatant hostage-taking, the commander of the British ship purred that it might be a "simple misunderstanding." If so, Iran is cursed with terrible luck. Another such misunderstanding lasted 444 days back in 1979-81."

A Deadly U.S.-Iran Firefight: Time magazine reports on a deadly US Iranian fire-fight along the Iran-Iraq border in what appears to have been an Iranian kidnapping attempt similar to what occurred to Brits.

In the meantime: Iranian Official declares that the UK Sailors May Be Tried

As all of this is going on, Lefty Speaker Nancy Pelosi has decided to go to Syria to play footsies with Syrian dictator Bashar El-Assad, despite requests from our own government not to do so at this delicate time.

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  1. This may not be 'cut and run' but it's damn sure 'cut throats at work'...


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