Friday, March 30, 2007

John Travolta is Concerned about "Global Warming"

Travolta's house in Florida above: Don't we all have multiple mansions on both Coasts and two large private jets in our driveway? (Travolta actually owns 5 jets). And notice the fleet of cars & SUV's. But you know, we really should make sure that that starving village in Africa avoids burning fossil fuels and goes with more expensive solar panels for the sake of our planet. Image of your average African house to the right. Good lord! I would truly be ashamed to mention the words "global warming" if I were Travolta. These Hollywood blow-hards and their Guru Al Gore give new meaning to that old term "limousine liberals." It's truly difficult to imagine greater self-absorbed hypocrisy on display.

Prince Charles 'the hypocrite' takes private plane for 500-mile trip to Scotland. The train apparently doesn't release enough Co2 for him.


  1. "Limousine Liberals"....I love it!! You should have put a warning before writing that...I just spewed coffee all over my keyboard and clean shirt after reading it!!!

  2. Lear jet liberal may be more appropriate in Travolta's case. Keep fighting the good fight Neocon!


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