Thursday, March 15, 2007

Democrats Encouraged to Snub the Colbert Report

First, they declared a boycott of Fox News' sponsorship of a Democratic primary debate in Nevada. Now the thought police have discovered a new source of scary expression to be shunned; The Colbert Report on Comedy Central. But have no fear; Pravda, Al Manar (Hezbollah) TV, and Al Jazeera are still acceptable Dem outlets.

No Joke: Obama calls Edwards "kind of cute."

JP Editorial: Christians for Israel
Emerson: Threatened by the Jihad
The real target of the 6 imams' 'discrimination' suit

Sowell: Global Warming Swindle
Danish scientist: Global warming is a myth

Eco-warrior: Sting's wife prefers helicopter to 80-mile train ride That's just not fair to point out the hypocrisy...maybe she buys "carbon off-sets" from Al Gore?

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