Thursday, March 15, 2007

Confrontation At Concordia - Radical Islam on Campus... in Action

This is a shining example of how radical Muslim groups operate on University Campuses. Notice how they work closely with leftist groups, notice the red Che Guevara flags flying side by side with the flags of Saddam's Iraq and Palestinian flags. The disgusting images and actions will speak louder than any further comment from me.


  1. those who wish to tear down civilization can temporarily unit for a common goal

  2. Interesting video. If I'm not mistaken though, it appears in this video that it was Netanyahu and his security who threw in the towel. Why didn't they simply go ahead and do it? Don't tell me Netanyahu was afraid of a bunch of overly hormonal and roudy immature college students?

  3. That was the official story, in reality the Police told them it would be a good idea not to go forward, as you can see from the video, the police were greatly outnumbered and unprepared. I don't think Netanyahu would be interested in jeopardizing the safety of innocent folks coming to a lecture to simply make a point.


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