Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Taking Bets on the Student Arrested After Terror Threat At UM-Rolla Campus

Don't you love the euphemisms employed by the media to describe the perpetrators of terror attacks. In Salt Lake it was a "disturbed youth", in North Carolina it was a "depressed student," in San Francisco it was "a bad driver...," this bending over backwards is solid comedic material in an otherwise deadly serious environment.

CNN takes the cake on this one, excusing the actions of the individual by quoting the confused Mayor as saying: "The student had been distraught over his grades, which may have led to the incident... he had problems and was depressed."

Don't we all threaten to destroy the building, contaminate everyone with anthrax and hold everybody off with a knife when we get "distraught"? Now for the big question...how much do we want to bet that the individual in question has a first or last name called "Mohammad"? The name and nationality have not been released. Bets anyone? Of course, as a disclaimer, this could turn out to be a Buddhist student from Hong Kong...or a Christian student from Norway... or an atheist from the Congo...guesses anyone?

Disclaimer for the stupid folks: I will not be taking actual bets, it's a metaphor...good lord.

UPDATE: The individual in question is Mr. Sujithkumar Venkatramolla, 22, Nazambad, India. It is still not determined if the individual is Hindu or Muslim. Stay tuned.

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