Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chaney Bombing Incident in Afghanistan Further Unhinges the Looney Left

What else is there to say, Bush hatred is a certified mental disorder. All one has to do is check out the despair expressed by many on the left that the suicide bomber in Afghanistan did not succeed in hitting our Vice President and you only begin to understand the level of depravity. More samples below: Check out the Wackos at this Patty Murry meeting in Washington demanding that the cop arrest the Senator. Don't these folks know that Murry is one of the most liberal Democrat members of the Senate? You reap what you sow:

Farrakhan pushes conspiracy tracts, Carter book
The Sickness Never Ends: Check out this Disgusting political-conspiracy gangsta rap piece called "TELL THE TRUTH" - Mos Def - Immortal Technique -Eminem. Liberals will love this one:

Preemption option: a must for Israel
Synagogues Used as Bases To Fire on Israel
Imam who pleaded guilty to aiding Hamas is sentenced
Hamas warns of 'open battle' with Israel, hatred of US

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