Thursday, February 22, 2007

Imagine a World Without America

Personally, I find this video interesting but lacking in spirit. If we truly were to imagine a world without America, we would see a dark, backwards world of warlords with about half the technology and advances in medicine available today. None-the-less, the video makes a strong point.

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  1. Oh pleeeeease (laughing) get over yourselves, guys. When will you folks get the point? Most people aren't anti-american because of advances in technology, medicine, etc. They are (knock knock, hello McFly) anti american because of the war mongering arrogance of the "current administration" that goes around threatening anyone who doesn't bow to its will. America "today" is not the America of 1940, and you can't pretend otherwise. Trying to hold the world hostage by attempting to impose guilt trips because of past help in wars when the world was a very different place, is nonsense and won't work. People of the current generation in the U.S can't go around saying "We saved your asses". You just happened to have been born in a particular part of the world, and you can't proudly puff out of your chests about that. What are you fully responsible for though, is the "current" situation in the world (including the negative aspects of the U.S).

  2. Yes, well, as much as you hate to be remained, it was the “war-mongering” United States that saved Europe in WWI, defeated Euro-totalitarian Nazism… and Euro-totalitarian Communism, liberating millions of subjugated people, only a few years ago, not ancient history as you portray. (Why is it for lefty Euro-weenies, history began on yesterday? Do you folks even know how read?). And it will also be the United States who will defeat Islamo-fascism, saving your little rear-ends…again, with no thanks to small-minded little folks and no gratitude expected either.

    As for being “full of ourselves”, the video in question is a British production not an American production, check it out; Produced by folks who don’t walk around with a gigantic inferiority complex like so many Europeans do.

    More small things to remind you: America was primarily (but not exclusively) responsible for: the airplane, the mass production of Automobiles, the telephone, the light bulb, the computer and internet, TV and radio, mass entertainment in the form of cinema, most medical breakthroughs of the last 100 years, nuclear and rocket science, indeed most general scientific breakthroughs of the last 100 years… etc.. . Really just about most things that you take for granted every day and don’t think about. America’s success has benefited you personally in a million ways. Your hatred is the result of resentment and jealousy and an inferiority complex which are two very unappealing qualities.

    You are free to disagree with American policy, largely because of America. Therefore it would be more becoming if you disagreed with American policy with respect and not contempt. Disagreeing with George Bush is certainly acceptable; hating George Bush is a pathological condition that requires treatment.

  3. Not to mention that the only reason Europe has been able to turn itself into an "adult" Disneyland is because of our military expenditure.

    And you expect spirit from Brits?


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