Friday, November 03, 2006

Will This Be The Year of the Girlie Man?

The 1992 elections marked the “Year of the Women.” That year, “impressive” females with “deep intellectual capabilities” such as …Barbara Boxer… were elected to the US Senate. This year we are trending towards the year of the girlie man. The idea of a masculine national security policy in the wake of 9/11 seems to be giving way to a more feminized or metro-sexual approach. It’s not about our enemies and how to defeat them, it’s all about us, and how we strayed from our more sensitive side. It’s about everything that we did wrong, from Abu Graib to tapping terrorist phone calls. It’s about insecurity and self doubt disguised as Oprah-like "serious and thoughtful self-reflection." Is this the year of the Girlie Man? November 7th will tell the story.

IN RELATED NEW (no joke): New studies indicate that the male Testosterone level in the United States is falling like a rock. This may help explain the Democrat's edege this election cycle.

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