Thursday, November 02, 2006

And the Winner is....

Moroccan cartoonist Abdellah Derkaoui has won first prize in Iran’s bizarre “Holocaust Cartoon Contest.” This is the best they could do? A wall with a picture of the entrance to Auschwitz? Oh, I get it, Jews are like Nazis, doing to others what was done to them....oh the hurt, oh the pain. Ironically, I thought Iran did not recognize that the Holocaust happened, so why would Auschwitz bring up negative associations for them? The sick contest was initiated by Iran's President Ahmedinejad in response to the Danish cartoons depicting Mohammed. The idea was to show the hypocrisy of the West, which would tolerate anti-Mohammed cartoons but would go bonkers over anti-Jewish or holocaust related cartoons. Well, the Iranian Jew-baiting cartoon contest took place and lookie, lookie lookie, not a single riot in Israel or anywhere in the West in response. No embassy was burned to the ground and no Muslim was murdered in the streets in response. Who is teaching who a lesson here? The Iranian's haven't figured out that the joke here is on them. I certainly have enough confidence in my own values as to have no problem showing this cartoon even though I find it offensive. I wonder if the Iranian government has the same level of confidence?

James Webb and Lessons in Make-Believe

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  1. ode for the odious

    let us pray to move the hand of God
    may He raze this modern blight of Nod
    might we see Him right the wrongs of late
    may He end their current reign of hate
    might He lay waste to this infidel horde
    and may they know the power of our Lord

    may we live to see Mohammed shamed
    might we see the evil Q'ran tamed
    may their idols go the way of Baal
    and Dagon to the depths of Hell
    might He summon His archangels legion
    to smite these wicked, East of Eden
    those living by the bloody sword
    and fell them by the Word of the Lord

    may this Ramadan be their last
    their mosques and shrines things of the past
    might we drive them from their wretched lands
    this bastard race of Abraham
    may their minarets and mullahs fall
    we pray their end once and for all

    A. Christian


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