Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Neocon joins Blogs for Bauer because now that the Dems control Congress, somebody has to do the dirty work of protecting the country. I figure that the fictional character from 24, Jack Bauer, will be more effective than the real Nancy Pelosi.

Will: The Bridge Back From the Wilderness
1600 British Muslims under MI5 surveillance for plotting terror
Beheaded Christian girls were Ramadan 'trophies'
Chavez: Bush Should Get the Death Penalty
Good riddance to Chafee: Worst US Senator
Coulter: Historic Victory for Diebold!
Rangel: Who the Hell Wants to Live in Mississippi?

France Ignore Terrorists, almost fire on Israeli jets. I suspect that the French will take a thumping if they do fire on Israeli jets.

Bad news for lefty types: US Army exceeds recruiting, retention goals

The budget for one US government agency is expected to increase dramatically under the new leadership:

Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi confering with her new top Iraq advisor:

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