Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Tactic: Use Civilians As Human Shields, Then Express "Outrage" When Civilians are Hurt

About 19 Palestinian non-combatants were accidentally killed today as an Israeli artillery barrage strayed off target. The artillery battery was responding to Palestinian rocket fire which landed in the center of the Israeli town of Ashkelon. Here’s the deal: NO PALESTINAIN ROCK FIRE, NO ISRAELI ARTILLERY IN RESPONSE. How simple is that?

First the Palestinians fire rockets from civilian areas, literally hiding behind civilians, and then call in the media when the civilians they are hiding behind get caught in the response crossfire. Predictably, naïve lefty types then have a coronary and the media celebrate the difficult images. That's the real "cycle of violence" that's going on.

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    Yeah, but the problem is, they get that and do it anyway.


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