Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Iranian Paper: "Great war to wipe out Israel coming"

Of course, such opinions in newspapers in Iran are not mere "independent views" of out-of-control editors, but are very likely the official views of the regime. They do not even attemp to hide their intentions and this is simply the latest in a long series of such pronouncments coming out of Teheran. It is interesting to observe the excited statments of how "half of Israel was destroyed" during the recent Lebanon flare-up. It truly is scary to think that such a regime with such a delusional and overly-excited posture, mixed with a fanatical religious, Islamo-fascist zeal and expansionist ambitions will soon be in possession of a nuclear arsenal. And yet, the world slumbers as the storm-clouds gather. If there ever was a case for "pre-emptive" action, this would be it.

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