Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Another Inconvenient Truth: “Global Warming” is a Religion

When one chooses to live in denial of real threats, such as radical Imams with nuclear bombs, what better way to avoid dealing with the real world than to imagine a “threat” of imminent disaster which, conveniently, no-one can prove or disprove. “Global Warming” is the ideal enemy for the liberal mind; it’s a battle against wind mills in the sky in which nobody gets killed and bravery and sacrifice are only required in the most theoretical and abstract sense. The enemy is of course…the most hated (and most obsessed over) person in the liberal universe…the self. “The self” naturally includes our car in the driveway, evil large corporations, big oil, Republicans and the post-industrial, capitalist West in general who are, of course, the cause of this imminent disaster which can only be averted by quickly adapting favorite liberal policies. Global Warming also conveniently involves a collective threat to all of humanity, and what better way to divert humanity away from these petty regional and sectarian conflicts amongst ourselves, than to rally against a mutual and much larger outside threat, like the aliens from outer space in Independence Day... or….Global Warming.
Joe Gelman

(in the Photo: The Reverend Al Gore, High Priest of the Holy Church of Global Warming)

John Howard Mocks Al Gore


  1. I agree regarding global warming--I've been around long enough to be very skeptical about fad scientific theories. That said, some of the ideas generated by the Kyoto crowd really will be necessary. Our dependence on foriegn oil impacts security decisions--eg-- if we were energy sufficient I have to believe we would have bombed Iran already. Our market economy doesn't reflect avoided costs attributable to resource waste and pollution very well-- it is folly to think oil will last forever, or that spewing garbage into our air, sea and land won't hurt us eventually. We need market-oriented, free enterprised based solutions, and the leadership to implement them.

  2. I certainly agree with "A Red Mind in a Blue State." Energy independece is crucial for national security, protecting the enviroment is a duty. Absolutly. All I ask is to be spared the politically motivated junk science, as you point out.

  3. Joe: Al Gore, annointed intellectual of the left, flunked out of divinity school. George Bush earned Harvard MBA and Yale undergrad degree. Yet, he's portrayed as a dunce.
    I really wonder about people's grasp of reality when reading comments by "A Red Mind..." above. Our economy doesn't reflect avoided costs associated with resource waste and pollution? What?
    We need energy independence because without it, more Americans will die at the hands of the oil-rich Islamists. Every dollar we send to them, is one that comes back to haunt us later. The Saudis use their petro-dollars to fund our enemies and spread hate in their schools. They are funding schools and mosques in the US for the sole purpose of undermining our society and growing their ranks of warriors. How foolish are we?
    I invite all Americans who accept this threat to encourage ANWAR drilling, drilling of CA and FL and wherever our oil explorers can find it! Build more nukes at record rates.
    Al Gore's hysterics only increase our dependence on the US-haters. How many more Americans must die before we get it?
    F. Garvin, Phd., S.J.


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