Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Iran: The US Has Agreed to Live With A Nuclear Iran, Despite What Bush is Saying in Public

While the US Administration repeatedly asserts in public that it will not tolerate a Nuclear Iran, apperently Iran is hearing something entierly differnt; today Iran publicly announced that the US has indeed “agreed to live with a nuclear Iran.” Just as I believe Iranian President Ahmadinejad when he publicly declares that it is his intention to destroy Israel, I also believe him when he declares that the West has agreed to “live with a nuclear Iran.” President Bush said Monday there was no change in his position, but Ahmadinejad declared that Iran will "hold the big celebration of Iran's full nuclearization in the current year," (Iran's current calendar year ends on March 20). Again, at this juncture I tend to believe Iran’s declarations over our own administrations dilly-dallying; hopefully, I will be proven wrong, god help us all if I’m not.

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  1. If the UK can still feel the need for a nuclear weapon I can understand Iran's desire for nuclear weapons - especially given its neighbours.

  2. David of the UK makes a stunning observation that he can “understand” Iran’s desire for nuclear weapons – “especially given its neighbors.” Wow! Well technically, I too can “understand” Iran’s desire for a nuclear weapon: a desire to dominate the region with its oil riches, a desire to spread Shiah-Islamic power and dominate surrounding Sunnies. With disbelieving Russians with Nukes to the north and infidel Jew with nukes hundreds of miles and two countries to the West of it, with US troops on both sides of it, etc…etc… of course I could “understand” why Iran would want Nukes. On the other hand, I can also “understand” all kinds of evil; slavery, communism, fascism, etc.. The problem with many folks, and I’m not sure if David from the UK is one of them, is the tendency to equate “understanding” with justifying, and tolerating. If David from the UK “justifies” and “tolerates” Iranian nuclear ambitions as opposed to merely “understanding” them, then David is off his rockers and needs to seek professional help immediately, or join the ranks of the enemy.

  3. so why is it the US can have hundreds of nuclear weapons and Iran can't even have one?

    Iran have been a peaceful state who never hurt anyone: the allegations that they support al-qaeda or terrorism are sketchy at best and lies at worst. US on the other hand have invaded scores of countries in the past 50 years. Iran has a right to defend itself against such an attack.

  4. Perhaps anonymous is unfamiliar with the radical Islamic nut-jobs that run Iran while supporting Islamo-facist terrorists like Hezbollah. Perhaps anonymous misses the almost daily "death to America" demonstrations in Teheran, or perhaps anonymous missed the recent speech by its President calling to "wipe Israel off the face of the map". Or, as I suspect, anonymous suppoprts all of that.


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