Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Iran: Full Nuclear Program Operating by February

Unless anything changes in the next two months, the historic record will show that the world, and in particular President George Bush who is the one person in a position to do something about it, stood by and did nothing as Iran proceeded to develop a nuclear weapons arsenal. At this stage, Iran does not even attempt to hide their intentions while openly and proudly annoucing their race to full nuclear status. All this as President Bush talks about "sanctions" and "isolation" and "international pressure" and all of the other non-sense.

The most ridicules quote of the day goes to Lebanon UN force chief liaison officer, Col. Alexan Lalan, : "Every [Isareli] flyover creates new Hizbullah militants and new sympathy for Hizbullah..." Wow!

Funny Headline of the day: "Hezbollah to continue efforts for change "
Here we go: Boxer plans Senate hearings on global warming
Why am I not surprised?:German neo-Nazi’s adopt Palestinian fashion Melanie Philips: The war within the west
Al-Qaida plotting nuclear attack on UK, officials warn


  1. good luck to Iran I say - they are a small country who have not attacked anyone in a hundred years and whose independence is threatened by the likes of the US and they have every right to defend themselves against such an attack, even with nuclear weapons

  2. OK, so now we have folks writing in saying that Iran has a right to "defend itself" with Nuclear weapons. That, along with Iran's recent threat to "wipe Israel off the face of the map" is, well, how should I put this... concerning. PS: Iran can hardly be described as "a small country." A small country, "small" would be more like Luxemburg or Israel, Iran is hardly "small", perhaph a geography lesson may be in order.


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