Thursday, October 05, 2006


Iran's Khameini: Don't masturbate during Ramadan (No Joke)

Former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw triggered a row by revealing that he asks Muslim women to remove veils from their faces when they visit his constituency office to seek his help. Will riots ensue?


  1. Will riots ensue? I don't think so (time will tell). Here in Britain, there have been many people on the radio and TV discussing the issue, and it has all been fairly low key and fair discussion so far. Most Muslims said they can fully understand where Straw is coming from, when he said he couldn't connect in conversation with them when he's just looking at a pair of eyes. But, Straws comments have already been incorrectly portrayed in our tabloid media as - "Straw tells muslims to remove veil". Straw didn't "tell" them to remove the Veil, at all. He has just made suggestions that in such situations, it would be easier if Muslim women could understand how awkward it can be for 'other' people who are not used to this sort of thing in our culture. Understanding where 'we' are coming from, and perhaps adjusting in certain situation, is something that he feels could help bridge the gap. That was the root of this whole affair. Of course, tabloid media wants to make it look like something akin to the Popes comments. They will be dissapointed.

  2. Any fatwas against sex with the neighbors goat?
    Ever wonder why they buried the Ayatollah Khomeini so far underground?
    Because deep down he was a nice guy.


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