Thursday, October 12, 2006

Metacafe Offers Quality Alternative to YouTube

I hear a lot of complaining lately about YouTube from fellow conservative-leaning bloggers. On the surface of things it does seem that YouTube have gone partisan with more frequent removals of conservative-leaning video clips that they deem “offensive.” One way to fight back is to aggressively use and promote a quality alternative to YouTube, and hit them where it hurts most, in traffic numbers. offers exactly such a high-quality and efficient alternative to YouTube. With over 2.7 million registered users. was founded by a former Israeli Air force fighter pilot who is not likely to impose PC speech codes conservatives. Hate-America Jihadies may have a problem, but conservatives should be OK; kind of like the opposite as YouTube. Watch how quickly YouTube change their policy if a small movment towards is organized by the right side of the net.

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  1. It should be noted that YouTube is not out to get just one group. Jihadi types with their propaganda videos are being systematically erased too, either by YouTube's personal choice, or more likely the Flagging campaigns of people who want these guys off the internet. As a free service, YouTube don't owe us anything and their policy of removal without having to explain why, is clearly stated in the terms of use that we sign in order to register unfortunately. It is a real shame that this kind of selective speech can happen. Some feel that now Google has taken over YouTube, it may be more protective of free speech. Because they have strongly defended the right to free speech of bloggers who have been under seige from conservatives on the net who were launching mass campaigns of complaint to get them removed. Time will tell.


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