Thursday, October 12, 2006

"Hey Clip": 4th Most Watched Internet Video Clip in History with Over 10,000,000 Views...and counting

I try to keep it light every few posts which explains the following: I came accorss this really cool video on Youtube that has already reached world-wide cult status and has been viewed over 10,000,000 times, making it the 4th most viewed video clip in the history of the internet! It's a couple of Israeli girls (who made the video for a boyfriend) goofing around and lip-syncing to music in their room and is guranteed to raise a smile even for the most grumpy among us, and no, it's not racey, compared to any Madonna Video anyway. It has an innocent and authentic feel to it which is probably what makes it so successful. How come we never get to see fun stuff like this coming out of..say...Syria or Iran?

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