Sunday, September 17, 2006

Overwhelming American Public Support for Israel Confirmed in Latest National Poll. Trending Even Higher.

Although there is some dispute about which side won the recent Middle East war, it is now clear that Israel was the victor in the battle for American public opinion. Americans were already disposed to back Israel and the war with Hezbollah only deepened those instincts...Quinnipiac's every three-month survey asks Americans to rate 17 different countries on a "friend versus foe" 1-100 index, also known as a thermometer reading. The higher the number, the warmer each respondent feels toward each country. Israel's latest mean rating was 65.9, which placed it third among the nations tested. The highest was England at 78.3, while the lowest was Iran at 13.9. The data indicate that those who see the Bush Administration's unwavering support for Israel as a potential domestic political liability might be wise to think again.

Americas largest and most respected investor, Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway was in Israel today to vist a company he recently purchased for $4 Billion: "Berkshire Hathaway and Israel will be here forever, as Israel and the US will be here forever," Buffett told journalists after the visit to Iscar and the Tefen Industrial Park.

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