Monday, September 18, 2006

The Face of a real Martyr: Murdered nun, Sister Leonella, asked forgiveness for killers as she lay dying

As regular readers of the Neocon know, I am not particularly religious, but it seems to me that Sister Leonella, murdered by Somali Muslim gunmen angered over the Popes words is the face of a true martyr, and hopefully will be recognized as such by her Church. I noticed this observation on Malkin’s site and I agree with it entirely. A woman who dedicated her life to the service of others and to her faith; she choose to abandon all personal comforts and go to one of the worlds poorest countries, to assist the weakest of the weak and the poorest of the poor. She wore no suicide bombers belt and drove no truck bomb; her sacrifice was for life not death. She was gunned down in cold blood by fanatics of a high-jacked and perverted faith. Even in her death she did not abandon her principles, asking for forgiveness for the evil perpetrators. I deeply admire but cannot share that sentiment. We should look for justice and let God decide if he wishes to forgive.
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  1. Unfortunately, no one has the guts to recognize this fact and we will more appeasing acts towards the thugs calling themselves muslims

  2. The difference between a Muslim martyr and a Christian martyr, is that a Christian martyr doesn't take 100 souls with him or her when they die.


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