Sunday, July 30, 2006

More Proof: Hezbollah Cowards Hiding Behind Civilians

To those who still don’t get it, please notice this latest photo showing a Hezbollah anti-aircraft position right next to a civilian residential apartment complex. Also notice that some of those manning the position are dressed in civilian clothing. Should this position be hit, undoubtedly, civilians in the adjacent apartments will suffer the consequences. For those who are slow on the uptake, and still need proof that Hezbollah cowards are hiding behind, and using civilians as human shields.
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The Next Steps With Iran
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  1. This is an AAA (Anti Aircraft Artillery). Such weapons are used to shoot down warplanes and usually placed where there service is needed (in this conflict, it is unfortunately in residential areas). AAA are defensive weapons - in no way can this gun do any harm to israeli territory.

    But hey, this is a neocon blog... so "how can the lebanese dare to defend against attacking warplanes?"

  2. “Anonymous” makes the point that this is an AAA weapon which is “purely defensive.” Wow! Dear Anonymous: hear at the Neocon we take for granted that our readers know such basic things like how to identify an anti-aircraft weapon. If one positions an anti-aircraft weapon in the middle of a residential area, the weapon operators can be expect to be attacked, unless you believe Israeli pilots should ignore being shot at. Of course, the whole idea of positioning such weapons in the middle of a residential area is to force the Israelis to choose between taking out the weapon and possibly hurting civilians, or ignoring the weapon and exposing themselves to the fire. I hope the Israelis will choose to continue to attack such positions and let it be known that the Hezbollah cowards are simply hiding behind women and children.

  3. hi...

    This has been their doctrine for decades now. Instead of wringing their hands and whining about how sorry they are, about civilian casualties, both Brothers Bush and Olmert should be out there forcefully demanding war crimes trials for the savages, and placing blame for civilian injuries and deaths, squarely where it belongs.

    If Olmert used half the energy at this, as he did over Amona, Tehran would be quaking in fear.



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