Monday, July 31, 2006

Hezbollah's Human Shields

They hide behind the skirts of their women and the carriages of their babies. They refuse to allow their own civilians to clear the area, effectively holding them hostage. They fire rockets indiscriminately into civilian population centers and then rush into civilian shelters in the hope of shielding themselves from retaliation. These cowards, the lowest form of humanity, then parade the dead bodies of women and children in front of the TV cameras when civilians are inadvertently hit as a result of their own outragious actions, seeking the sympathy of those who are too naïve, ignorant or stupid to understand the context of the resulting difficult images.

Cry to Those Using Babies as Shields
Olmert: There is no ceasefire now, nor in coming days
Jaws of Defeat
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Staged Photo's from AP and Reuters

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