Thursday, March 09, 2006

Predictable: Dubai Ports Deal Dead: Ordeal Exposes Arrogance By Some

Following a meeting between President and Congressional leaders this morning in which GOP representatives made clear to the President that despite his silly veto threat, the Republican led US Congress was prepared to kill the deal in overwhelming numbers, far more than would be needed to override any Presidential veto. After this “clarification,” sombody clearly got on the phone with sombody and the Dubai company “suddenly” decided to sell off the US portion of the deal to a US company, thus neutralizing the entire issue (at least for the moment).

All of this is good news. Unfortunately, this issue has exposed a number ugly truths: Some Republicans displayed a level of arrogance and elitism normally associated with Liberal Democrats throughout this entire ordeal: Despite the fact that every poll showed the American public to be overwhelmingly disgusted by this deal, some on our side presented the opposition to it as “bigotry” or “ignorance,” thus falling into the trap of calling most average Americans bigots and stupid. Fred Barnes at the Weekly Standard (whom the Neocon usually admires), and Grover Norquist, (whom the Neocon holds in low esteem) are two examples of conservatives displaying an arrogant elitism on this entire matter.
Americans were and are correct in their suspicion of the , despite their fancy hotels and the Johnny-come-lately (post 9/11) assistance in the war on terror. It was only a few years ago that this country was allied with the Taliban in Afghanistan, facilitated Al Queda financial transactions, was a way-station for nuclear material to Iran, home to one of the 9/11 hijackers, etc..etc…The Country still boycotts Israel and was highlighted in the US State Departments Report of Countries that violate Human Rights…JUST YESTERDAY! Good lord, talk about being tone deaf. Yeah, let them run the ports, the Coast Guard will take care of security, don't you worry about a thing...
The Neocon

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