Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Neocon is Pleased to Introduce Sharon Stone to... Mariam Farhat:

Sharon Stone arrived in the today to dispense some "wisdom" on the natives. She was the guest of the starry-eyed and perpetually naive Shimon Peres (the Jimmy Carter of Israel), who organized the "woman" festival. Ms. Stone said "It's time for women to be part of negotiations, because they have a different language: "Imagine 'I was considering going to war, let's discuss, let's consider the other angles.'" Wow! Hollywood-deep!

Perhaps we should introduce Ms. Stone to Mariam Farhat
She's a "woman" who was recently elected to the Palestinian parliament. She's also in her spare time famous for being "The Mother From Hell" of three suicide bombers (pictured in the poster behind her), who blew themselves up and killed dozens of innocent civilians, and is openly praying for more sons to blow themselves up in crowded discos and Pizza restaurants. Perhaps Ms. Stone can say to her "let's discuss, let's consider the other angles..." It is not known wheather Ms. Farhat has been invited to the Womans Festival. Maybe it's just me.

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