Saturday, March 11, 2006


The Neocon Express (quick pat on the back) was one of the first to link to the Al Jazeera interview of Dr. Wafa Sultan (provided by MIMRI), and we were very happy to bring this to the attention of larger blogs who did a great job at quickly circulating this worldwide, generating over 1,000,000 downloads of the interview from I was amazed at how quick bloggers were to recognize the significance of her remarks, and I continue to receive e-mails expressing intense enthusiasm; example: "I nearly fell off my chair halfway through the interview..." (Keith from New Jersey). Very few items circulating in the Bloggospher have been received with such enthusiasm, and all the the attention has justifiably raised Ms.Wafa to star status, well deserving of the article in todays . By the way, I use the word "HERO" in the title of this post because I know that very few people would risk their lives with an immediate FATWA being put on their heads, for simply speaking the truth. So I don't think the word "hero" is misused.

The Neocon believes that Dr. Sultan's simple and straightforward message in this single interview has had a far greater PR impact than millions of dollars spent by State Department outreach and message delivery programs to the Arab world. Ms. Sultan has earned her place in this battle and should to be drafted for the cause.

The Neocon Express congradulates on the great new format.
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