Thursday, March 02, 2006

Administration: Arabs at US Ports OK, Jews On US Computers Bad!

The Neocon is on record as opposing the Dubai deal for many reasons that have been spelled out all over the media and internet. The despicable (normally liberal) tactic used by some conservatives now to portray opposition to the deal as “anti-Arab bigotry” is an unforgivable, pathetic tactic, straight out of Al Sharpton’s race-pimping playbook and they should be ashamed of themselves. The Neocon is particularly disappointed in the Weekly Standard who seemed over-eager to suck up to the administration on this one. Furthermore, the Neocon believes that a certain level of "fear" of is not unreasonable or islamophobic (Phobic being an "irrational fear" as opposed to rational) it's what most Americans would call common sense given what is occuring in the real world today.

But all this begs the question: Is it not acceptable now to accuse the Administration of Anti-Semitism because of the administrations review/investigation of an high-tech firm’s purchase of an American software company? This Israeli-US high-tech deal is being held up by the same panel; at the same time they were quick to approve the Arab-port deal. Is this government sponsored Anti-Semitism at work? My guess is that it is not, and for the Neocon to accuse the Administration of Anti-Semitism over the Israeli-US deal would be a despicable leap. So why is it OK for administration spokesmen and supporters to wave the Islamophobia flag on the Dubai-port deal?

OK, so let the supporters of this port deal wave the Islamophobia flag, and they can also watch the American people hold both them and this deal in contempt, and they can also watch the President's poll number tank even further (38%). The Neocon is a strong supporter of the President and is very frustrated over this incredible miscalculation.

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