Thursday, February 02, 2006

Next Hollywood Film: 'The Last Temptation of Mohammed'?

So devout Muslims consider any image of Mohammed to be “blasphemy.” The Neocon considers anything coming out of Ted Kennedy’s mouth Blasphemy, but I don’t call for a riot every time Ted Kennedy opens his pie-hole. But one thing that this whole Danish Cartoon episode exposed is the cowardice of Hollywood.


Now I'm not a Christian nor a particularly religious person, but it seems to me that Hollywood has been busy making movies offensive to Christians about Jesus since the 1960’s. When can we expect the controversial Hollywood Movie depicting Mohammed in an unflattering light? Of course, everyone in Hollywood knows that making an unflattering flick about Jesus requires no real courage at all. Worst case scenario? Pat Robertson might place a curse on the film on the 700 club which will only generate more interest. On the other-hand, as this Danish Cartoon issue has exposed, make any image of Mohammed and expect a Jihad Fatwa on your head and riots from Morocco to Indonesia, oh yeah… in Paris too.

So the Neocon, during this Oscar season with the Danish cartoon thing hanging over our heads, wonders when Hollywood will take a temporary rest from its “courageous” celebration of gay cowboys, confused transvestites, desperate housewives, and all the other PC non-sense, and tackle a subject-matter that requires real courage; 'The Last Temptation of Mohammed.'

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