Saturday, February 04, 2006

Iran Taken Downtown for Questioning: at UNSC

The rubber is slowly beginning to meet the road on the Iran Issue. As expected, the IAEA referred Iran to the Security Council in a somewhat weenie resolution that included a clause calling for a “Nuclear Free” Middle East (a reference to Israel). Non-the-less, this is good news in the sense that Iran will now face potential sanctions and worse. Iran has threatened to “go nuclear” by all out enrichment if it was referred to the Security Council. Now we will all get to see just how serious these threats were. The more Iran follows through on its threats, the higher likelihood of sanctions and eventual military action against its facilities.
McCain urges Iran sanctions, outside UN if needed
Iran Threatens Russia
Iran vows to scale back cooperation with the IAEA
Germany Urges Action to End Iran's Nuclear Program Now
Iran may cancel ties with Europe amid cartoon outrage
Iran launched 'secret' rocket test

Quote of the Day: "There's only one thing worse than military action and that is a nuclear armed Iran, every option must remain on the table...we need to stay united to answer this grave challenge."
Senator John McCain

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