Sunday, February 05, 2006

As Danish Embassy in Beirut is Torched; CNN Continues the Double Standard

As the Danish Embassy in Beirut is torched today, CNN still refuses to show the mild Danish cartoons causing riots all over the Muslim world, even within a "news context." However, In an interview with the Saudi Ambassador to the US moments ago, Wolf Blitzer was quick to show virulent anti-Semitic cartoons published in the Arab press to rightly demonstrate the double standard, a double standard that CNN unfortunately continues to perpetuate by refusing to show the Danish cartoons. The reason that the Neocon believes it important to show these cartoons is so that folks in the West can see for themselves how mild these cartoons actually are by Western standards. That is a newsworthy and legitimate editorial consideration that surly outweighs the possibility that Muslim's might riot, which they are doing anyway! The Cartoons are available on thousands of blogs, including this one. The Neocon also congratulates Human Events in Washington for publishing them on its front page.

The Rage - Fanatical Islam on the March
We are all Danes now
USS Cole attack mastermind "escapes" prison
Threatening words from European Muslim-demonstrators in London who feel free to take advantage of the very free speach they found so insulting in the cartoons.

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