Monday, April 25, 2011

Syrian Citizen Begs for Israeli or US Military Intervention to Save them from their Murdering Dictator

As the Syrian dictator is murdering his citizens in the streets, AP is reporting on Syrian citizen calling for US or Israeli military intervention to save innocent civilians from slaughter at the hands of the sick regime. Unfortunately for them, their calls are not likely to be heard, and only their own courageous actions will save them from mass murder and a life of subjugation. If things continue to develop on the current path, undoubtedly Syrian refugees will seek asylum in Israel as Palestinians did in September of 1970, following their failed uprising in Jordan. At the end of the day, all Arabs know that Israel is the only humane place in the Middle East, where life and freedom are valued and protected. We wish the Syrian people all the best in their difficult struggle for freedom. We hope that Israel and the United States will find ways to support their struggle and deliver them the means to protect and defend themselves against the murderous regime.  

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