Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Obama Attacks A Country That Represented No Threat to the US

OK, lets review the moment. Unlike Bush, Nobel peace prize winner Barack Obama attacked a Muslim Arab country without even seeking congressional approval. Obama attacked an oil producing country (no blood for oil?) that represented no threat to the United States in any real way, ZERO. He attacked a dictator who by any standard of measurement was/is far less dangerous than Saddam Hussein was, by a factor of at least 100. He attacked a country and then headed off to what amounted to nothing more than tourist jaunt to Brazil. But hey, forget the US congress, the elected representatives of the American people, at least he sought the approval of the Arab League.

Of course, we support the mission and wish US forces, and wild-man Obama's policy of going all Bushy on Gaddafi. We hope for nothing but success in toppling another crazy Arab dictator. But the blatant hypocrisy is...ah... stunning to say the least.

UPDATE: NYT female photographer, repeatedly sexually assaulted by Gaddafi loyalists... shades of Lara Logan

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