Saturday, February 05, 2011

US Administration Holding Man in Gulag

The Obama administration is continuing to hold Jonathan Pollard in a gulag for little reason other than the fact that he is a Jew, and that it might please Israel or other Jews if he let him go. "Hey, F%$#@ justice, let's keep the Jews squirming" seems to be the policy.

Pollard has already served over 25 years in prison for one count of passing classified information to an ally “with no intent to harm the US.” WOW! Article 110 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court stipulates that for the gravest forms of crimes (e.g., war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide), a prisoner ought to serve two thirds of a fixed sentence, or 25 years in the case of life imprisonment.

Most people who are intimately knowledgeable about the details of the case have already weighed in in favor of clemency. But the administration is holding him hostage for some kind of payback. Certainly Pollard deserved punishment, but as the decades pass, his ordeal has gone well beyond punishment and into the realm of petty revenge and cruelty.

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