Thursday, February 24, 2011

Smart Power: 'I Love Crazy Arab Dictators, Unless They Are About to Fall, Then I Quickly Switch Sides'

At least he didn't bow
Obama's spiritual advisor of over 20 years, the Reverend Wright, was a big fan of Gaddafi. He even joined Luis Farrakhan on a trip to Libya to visit Moammar Gaddafi as his personal guest. Of course, we should NEVER infer from that, that Obama might have similar sympathies as his “spiritual advisor” because that would be “guilt by association”. In any event Gaddafi seems to have a strange love for Obama.

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  1. The unelected European Union "foreign minister", baroness Ashton is again lecturing the world about how deal with mad dictators. She even has the temerity to give EU credit for breaking down the Soviet empire:


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