Thursday, September 09, 2010

President Obama Begs Pastor not to Burn Koran

Here is the President of the United States literally groveling and begging a little Paster down in Florida not to burn a Koran. Of course, lefties had ZERO problem with 'Piss Chirst', and the US National Endowment of the Arts even paid the artist of 'Piss Christ' a grant of $15,000 of taxpayer money. Maybe that Pastor ...should call his stupid book burning event a 'work of art'?
And the "putting our troops in danger" argument seems to me completely bogus. That's exactly why we train and give our troops guns. So they can defend themselves, fight and defeat the exact kind of radicals that would be inclined to go berserk over a stupid book burning to begin with. Otherwise, what the hell are we there for? As babysitters? Does Obama really think that the Taliban need a Florida book burning excuse to attack our troops? Otherwise they would be doing what? Sitting around scratching themselves?

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