Wednesday, July 07, 2010

UAE Ambassador Endorses Strike on Iran

With refreshing honesty, United Arab Emirates Ambassador to the US, Yousef al-Otaiba publicly stated what most Arab states are thinking:

"I think it's a cost-benefit analysis... I think despite the large amount of trade we do with Iran, which is close to $12 billion … there will be consequences, there will be a backlash and there will be problems with people protesting and rioting and very unhappy that there is an outside force attacking a Muslim country; that is going to happen no matter what. If you are asking me, 'Am I willing to live with that versus living with a nuclear Iran?,' my answer is still the same: 'We cannot live with a nuclear Iran.' I am willing to absorb what takes place at the expense of the security of the U.A.E."

Of course, we can expect a lot of backtracking from the UAE and other Gulf countries. But the truth is the truth, and with the exception of the Obama Administration, everybody knows it, including Iran.

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