Monday, May 31, 2010

Violent Jihadi "Peace Activists" Attack Israeli Soldiers While Trying to Break the Blockaid of Hamas Controlled Gaza:

Clear proof that the Israeli soldiers were set upon with extreme violence by the Turkish "peace activists" Jihadies the moment they boarded the ship. They were beaten up, one was stabbed in the stomach, another was knocked unconscious, another thrown overboard before the order was finally given to defend themselves with their weapons. The Israelis naively expected "peace activists" not organized gangs of violent thugs. They should have been far more aggressive from the outset. Fortunately, the Israel es did not give in and eventually took full control of the ship:

There are "peace activist" Jihadis on one boat chanting "kill the Jews", while one woman talks about achieving martyrdom:

Here is a video of a "peace activist" literally stabbing an Israeli soldier with a knife:

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