Friday, May 21, 2010

Israel Opens World's Largest Sea-water Purification Plant. Even Larger Plant on the way:

News not covered by MSM:

Israel's water problems will be coming to an end in the coming two years as the worlds largest water desalination plant is opened, with another even larger plant on the way. Within a few years, the vast majority of Israel's water will be produced by the new desalination plants, leaving depleted sources such as the Sea of Galilee to return to their natural state. The desalination plants will be powered by the large quantities of natural gas discovered off of Israel's shores. A remarkable turn of events.

US to help finance the 'Iron Dome' anti-rocket system that is currently being deployed along its northern boarder and along the Gaza Strip in the South. Iron Dome has a 100% kill record in tests and is able to identify within seconds if an incoming rocket trajectory poses a threat to a population center or will fall in an open field. It then targets and destroys the rocket on a threatening trajectory. The goal is to completely neutralize the strategic threat of short and medium range rockets of the type deployed by Hezbollah and Hamas.

Chinese and Israeli workers complete a massive five mile tunnel cutting deep through Israel's Carmel Mountains underneath the city of Haifa, which will allow drivers (including large trucks) to bypass the entire city heading north or south in about six minutes. The huge tunnel will also serve various security-related needs:

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