Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Too much snow? It's GW. Not enough snow? It's GW

You cannot win with the 'Global Warming' crowd. Now that everyone is burried in snow, they claim 'Global Warming' causes too much snow. But here's a look at their arguments when there was too little snow. You simply cannot win with these folks:


  1. It doesn't have to be that cold for it to snow, climate change is a real issue, places that shouldn't be have gotten warmer. Where there is legitimate controversy is if / how we are affecting and what impact and what we can do about, if anything.

    It's weird how you believe that a magic sky man takes an interest in mortal geopolitical events without any evidence but refuse to believe proven facts.

    These are facts.

  2. "Proven facts", that's funny. Even the top GW "scientists" have stoped saying that. The only thing that is settled is that the promoters of this scam have proven themselves to be some of the biggest con artists in history.


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