Friday, September 04, 2009

Obama: Jewish Settlements are Bad, Blah...blah...blah...

He loves Hugo Chavez, he hates Honduras for kicking out a leftist tyrant, he bows to the king of Saudi Arabia and gives "outreach" speeches to the Muslim world every other day. He sends multiple suck-up letters to Iran and embraces Syria's Assad. He signed-off on releasing the Pan Am 103 bomber and sat for twenty years in Reverend Wright's hate-church. He appointed a communist nut-job as his "green jobs Czar", and is desperately trying to nationalize large chunks of the US economy. He is a radical loony toon wrapped in "moderate" drag.

So is it any wonder that he hates Israel? Unfortunately for him, Israelis know it and aren't buying any of his "we are committed to Israel's security" rhetoric. Netanyahu should continue to play this jerk-off like a fiddle. We will see who suffers greater political damage at the end of the day.

Israel has a better relationship with Madonna than it has with Obama:


  1. President Hussein of US wants to harm whites-the greatest proof is that he appealed to European Union to grant EU membership to Turkey. He is against all non-muslim countries- the great proof is that he is cold towards non-muslim countries like India and Israel.
    President Hussein, the Mullah in the White House, is the greatest security threat to USA.

  2. Joseph-Barry is behaving EXACTLY as a radical Leftist should. He said he wanted to "transform" America and is working to do so. Commies as Czars? Why not? Giving $billions in stim $ to ACORN? Of course.
    Saul Alinsky laid the groundwork: appear moderate, speak like the middle class, appear to want their values, insinuate yourself within the existing bureacracy and slowly take it over to your values.
    He's doing it right in front of us, very little deception needed he feels. So, why not appoint labor union leader to Fed Reserve?
    What he did not expect was the American public to rise up against him. This resistance is one of the most encouraging actions I've seen in years. It really is something to behold. We can stop him. Let's keep fighting.
    F. Garvin, Ph.D., S.J.


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