Monday, September 07, 2009

Netanyahu Disappears for Ten Hours, His Whereabouts a Mystery

Upon returning, it was announced that he was visiting a secret military instillation inside Israel. Assuming that it was nothing like Mark Sanford's disappearance to Argentina, Then my guess is that he was in an unidentified Arab country for talks about taking out Iran's nuclear program.

Update: Netanyahu's disappearance was the result of a secret meeting in Russia. The stage is being set for Iran?


  1. This is a very interesting account. I wonder if it was with the Saudis

  2. My guess is that he was in Riyadh.

  3. Does it matter?

    And I'm not being a jerk when I say that, either. His responsibilities are wide ranging and if he wanted to meet with a Saudi agent, that could happen anywhere inside Israel every bit as easy as outside Israel... or they could meet at a landing strip in the Negev, sit in one aircraft or another and chat.


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