Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Most Revolting Op-Ed I Have Read This Year

With the possible exception of Iran's President denying the Holocaust, this post on Real Clear Politics, is probably the most revolting opinion expression of 2009, a year packed with revolting opinions.

Just a quick reminder to the author of that piece: In Israel, the epicenter of Jewish life, President Obama has an approval rating of about 4%. Just because most American Jews are as dumb as doorknobs and as far left as Alinsky, doesn't make Obama the "first Jewish President".

And, oh yeah, I'm Jewish too.

UPDATE: Obama advisor calls for US to Shoot Down Israeli Jets and Protect Iran's nuclear program from destruction.

UPDATE: Obama turns cool on Israel

1 comment:

  1. Of all the crazy, unbelievable things I've read and heard, seen and watched 'bama do this is by far the most frightening! Israel would be gone in weeks. Amadinijad would be a god-like figure in the mooslim world and there would be an over night paradigm shift of power in the world.


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