Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Senator Kennedy, 1932-2009, RIP

I mostly disagreed with him but found him to be a very engaging and interesting person. Had the opportunity to spend a full evening with him at a small dinner party. Lots of drinking and shooting the breeze about many subjects.


  1. Joe, you've gone mad!

    The man led life of extreme wealth, never had non-govt job, escaped negligent homicide, ended Euro immigration while opening door to south; was hedonist drunk, sexually harrassed women; got caught having sex w/ lobbyist; legis he supported will deny others of crucial cancer care @ old age.
    Yeah, a real charmer!
    F. Garvin

  2. Of course, Mr. Garvin, everything you say is true. I was trying not to speak ill of the dead only hours after his death.


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