Thursday, August 06, 2009

The ‘other Israel’

A small part of Tel Aviv on a typical day:

A great article on Y-net by Yoram Ettinger today. Most people who have never been to Israel are easily susceptible to the cartoonish images painted of it by its enemies and by their media lapdogs.

In reality, Israel is a global technological powerhouse with a strong economy and a vibrant culture where people enjoy a longer life expectancy than most Western countries, including the United States. They have a larger GDP than all of the surrounding Arab countries COMBINED, and unlike most Western countries, they will also soon be energy independent. For some of the latest stats, check out Ettinger's article here.

The train from Tel Aviv to HaifaDiplomats and Journalists love being assigned to Israel. They get to portray themselves as toughing it out in the Middle East drama, while actually getting paid to live in the funnest and most comfortable place this side of Miami Beach, and probably a lot more safe. But we'll keep that as our little secret.

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