Saturday, July 11, 2009

Obama: "I Have the Blood of Africa Within Me"

It is one thing to have pride in ones background. It is quite another thing to loudly focus on how the "blood" of ones race runs through you. Isn't African blood, Aryan blood, Jewish blood, European blood, Asian Blood... etc... all red? The Presidents public proclamations about the ethnic "Blood" that "runs through him" seems a little creepy and would be totally unacceptable if there wasn't such a double standard that this President is held to. And where would our President possibly have learned that focusing on his "African blood" is to be encouraged? Perhaps 20 years of listening to this, had its effect.


  1. You sure do, Obama! And you have the blood of millions of innocents on your hands as well!

  2. By the way, did you notice that Barack Obama is half African? I didn't because he never ever mentions it.


  3. A wise halfrican can govern America better than the previous 43


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