Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It Begins: Israel Dropping Purchase of US Weapons Systems

The Israel Navy has shelved long-held plans to purchase Lockheed Martin-produced Littoral Combat Ships (LCS), as well as a fallback option involving corvettes built by Northrop Grumman. Instead, sources say, the Israeli Navy is pushing to establish its own combat shipbuilding industry through customized, locally built versions of a German corvette design.

"One of the things we put on the table is how to vector our urgent operational needs into a project that can support local industry. We believe a strong case can be made for making this into a national project that fosters self-sufficiency and provides all the economic benefits that come with creating a military shipbuilding industry." An Israeli spokesman said.

Indeed, why be dependent on an unstable Obama Administration who runs his foreign policy like a crazy preacher from the south side of Chicago? Bottom line? Israel doesn't want Obama Administration export restrictions associated with the LCS or other systems. The market for warships over the next 10 to 20 years is huge, with likely buyers in India, China, Singapore, Vietnam and others needing capabilities which Israel could supply; competing in the international market directly with Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman; Offering a similar product at a much lower price tag. Expect many more situations like this during the Islamo-Obama Administration.

Hey, I'm just saying outloud what everyone else is thinking.


  1. Regrettably and predictably, Israel has relied too heavily on U.S. arms and aid, to Israel's ultimate detriment. Some will say, good, the U.S. shouldn't support Israel anyway. Others, myself among them, say, good, the symbiosis/dependence (the U.S. purchases influence on Israel with aid; Israel accepts that influence along with the aid) has gone on long enough. The Israeli air force was 95% French equipment until the sale of U.S. F15s to Israel after the '67 war. After 40 years of growing dependency and failure of the Lavi home-frown fighter project, it is time for Israel to use its technological clout and be independent. Obama makes clear that the U.S. will no longer be the reliable ally it once was.

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  3. I disagree.

    Israel the world's leader in high tech will make ships vastly superior to any American designed ship

  4. It's about time, & it's our own fault. I never thought I'd ever actually be ashamed to be an American, but Obama is pushing me that way.

  5. i'm not sure who you mean by 'everyone else'. obama is not 'evil' and he has actually much more support in tha world as bush had.


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